Camping kitchen essentials - that's what you need.

Grundausstattung Camping Küche - das brauchst du.

Going on a road trip with your campervan but still wanting to enjoy a proper and healthy dinner at the end of the day? Might not be as difficult as you think!

With simple and locally sourced ingredients, as well as a basic kitchen setup, you are all set to become the star chef in your own kitchen. We will tell you how to accomplish that and what items you will need - a helpful checklist included.

It’s the quality of the equipment that matters, not the quantity:

We agree, it’s way more convenient at home. Fridge fully filled, enough space, all cooking utensils at hand. And yet, with just a few go-to essentials in the cooking utensils area you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal.

Brotzeit im Van

We have been traveling a lot the past years and we’d like to share with you what we consider to be the ideal camping kitchen setup. Feel free to tell us if you’re missing any of your personal essentials! 

Essentials for your camper kitchen

  • Gas stove, ideally with two burners (for extra comfort: choose a model with piezo-ignition. This will help avoid the search for lighters).
  • Gas or fuel (at temperatures below 7°C it is suggested to use special winter fuel).
  • Stainless steel pot with lid, ideally with nob handles, not arch handles.
  • • Stainless steel pan (our preference are non-coated pans - have a look into this article to learn how to properly fry with non-coated pans).
  • Small Chopping board and a sharp knife.
  • Wooden spoon and a peeler.
  • • Camping dinnerware and cutlery (made out of Titanium if your need to look out for light baggage; avoid dinnerware made out of Melamine. Why? We explain it to you here).
  • Foldable washing-up basin.
  • Dishtowel.
  • Garbage bags (golden rule while camping: leave nothing but footprints!)
  • French Press or moka pot

Which ingredients serve you best?

Nobody would reject a three-course-menu indeed, but it doesn’t have to be that complex. Cooking while camping should be fun, but also feed you well. And grandma already knew: the simpler, the better!

Pay attention to ingredients high in carbs and protein. Noodles are ideal, as well as all type of grains and cereals, but also eggs and chickpeas. They will quickly recharge your energy.


But also, be open to regional products of the countries and regions you travel through. A stroll across the farmer’s market can be an adventure on its own and will also allow you an in-depth insight into the culture and habits.

Basics you should stack:

  • Noodles / Gnocchi
  • Rice or grains like Couscous or Bulgur
  • Coffee / tea
  • Oil / vinegar
  • Spices / herbs
  • Bread
  • Eggs

If you have access to a fridge, you can also consider::

  • Yoghurt
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fruits

So how to cook all that?

Hardly any different than at home! With the only exception that you might have access to one burner / fire place and thus need to slightly rearrange your cooking logistics. 

Take noodles for example: Don’t spend the full boiling time as suggested. Pour the water after a few minutes and let them finish cooking in the sauce. Same goes for Couscous: Add boiling water and let soak for a few minutes. This will also save you fuel!

A great way to cook is by using One-Pot-Dishes. Put all ingredients into the pot, add spices and let cook. There are many interesting recipes to be found on the web, but why don’t you experiment with the ingredients you just bought on the farmer’s market? Don’t be shy and go for it!

One-Pot GerichtNow it’s time to enjoy! Indulge in your food, the view and the fresh air. Gratify Mother Nature and enjoy the little things in life. And don't forget to look out for your next farmer’s market adventure!

You can find everything for the outdoor kitchen here, take a look!

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