Thermosflaschen richtig reinigen: So wird’s wieder sauber!

Thermobehälter sind nicht nur umweltfreundlich und nachhaltig, sondern auch äußerst praktisch. Denn was gibt’s Schöneres, als bei eisigen Temperaturen einen warmen Tee oder Kaffee zu schlürfen, oder die Mittagspause mit einer kühlen Limonade zu genießen?...

Recipe idea: minestrone

Nothing beats a warming soup after a winter outdoor adventure!

Recipe idea: tabbouleh

Fresh, light and delicious. Tabuleh with couscous or bulgur - whatever you like. Today there are delicacies from the Arabic kitchen.

The 9 best gift ideas for campers

Making others happy is always nice - no matter what the occasion. Here are some great gift ideas - from campers for campers!

Nutty Overnight Oats

For those on the sweet side of life: oatmeal with a fancy topping of your choice. Tasty and easy!

Camping during a thunderstorm – here’s how you act properly.

Thunderstorms can quickly become dangerous. Here you will find the most important rules of conduct in bad weather.

Tasty, vegan Asian Noodles

Vegan, fast and super tasty: Asian noodles! Great while camping!

Enjoying the camping soundtrack whilst being considerate.

Escape the daily routine. And here come the matching tunes to sing along with. We present three of our favorite playlists and  tips for considerate behavior among fellow campers.

Tasty Gnocchi Mushroom Spinach Pan

Simple. Delicious. Perfect for camping dinners and one of our all-time favorite recipes! What are you waiting for? Try it!