Chaos in the campervan and how to avoid it!

Chaos im Camper - so bleibt's ordentlich.

Who hasn’t been there – your stuff is all over the place, you can’t find anything and there’s a mess all around. No wonder, life in a camper van means very little space. If travelling with family, the lacking space can become a real challenge and maintaining discipline is the only way to go.

In this article we’re providing you with handy tricks from our own experience that will make co-existing in a camper van a lot more relaxed.

Less is more. Always has been!

It’s a classic: you return from a trip bringing back half of your clothes unused. And yet the perfect moment to rethink your selection for the coming trips: Can I wear a T-Shirt for 2 days? Can you switch cotton and polyester shirts for merino, which is fast-drying, odor-inhibiting and soft on your skin?

Rule of thumb: lay out the items you plan to bring on your bed and just before you leave remove half of them. We promise, you will thank us later! Be careful though to bring at least one item for unexpected weather.

Camping Equipment

And in case you do need to have some laundry done: often times it’s good enough to air your clothes out. But then again most of the campgrounds offer laundry (self) service. If you’re travelling close to civilization, you will find laundromats that will provide you with fragrant clothes for little money.

In case you’re not sure what to let go off: peak into our article on minimalism. You’ll probably find helpful tips and ideas how to travel as light as possible. HOTO SEAT ORGANIZER-

Everything in its rightful place – and that’s also where it shall return!

Flashlight misplaced, sunglasses untraceable, clothes piling up in a corner… one of the main reasons for losing stuff is chaos! And order calls for discipline. It’s hard, we know.

Assign designated spots to the few items you’re bringing and then return to exactly that spot. Always! It spares you and your travel companions annoying search parties.

Stuff you need often should be stored in front and be easily accessible. There’s nothing more annoying than having to crawl to the back of the van for your charger.

In the back you might want to keep tools, hoping you won’t need them that often. But careful: if you do need them, make sure you have access without having to take the entire camper van apart.

Thematical assignments can also be of help, for example a tool box. Or a tool bag. Or a tool drawer. Should I say tool one more time? It rhymes with drool. Whatever you choose to store your belongings, it’s helpful to develop at least some kind of system in order to find and store your belongings more easily.

Our tool roll BO and organizer LINN may just be what you need to get started.

Routines - everyone sticks to their job!

If travelling with others, labor division is the way to go in our experience. If you know your job, you know what you need for it and where to find it. Therefore, it’s basically in everyone’s own interest to keep order.

A nice side effect is the fact that you’re not getting too much in each other’s way and things run more smoothly.  

Our tip for campers who use a fold out bed covering up their storage room: lay out your clothes for the following morning so you don’t have to wake up your partner in order to get dressed.

Last but not least - cargo securing.

What’s the use of a well-organized camper van when everything tumbles out of the cabinets during the first turn? Besides the obvious danger for the driver and fellow passenger, lose objects can also cause possible damage to your campervan interior. It’d be too bad if the tumbling espresso maker would put a hole in your new counter top.

Always keep the cargo securing in mind so that all your drawers and cabinet doors are properly locked. Ideally you use push-button locks that prevent doors and drawers from opening while driving.

We can also recommend a packing net for light weight items such as jackets or sweatshirts. It’s affordable and a great helper to keep clothes at hand or store other small items.

Campervan aufgeräumt

One last personal tip:

If you find yourself in the exciting situation to rebuild the interior of your own campervan, we recommend you do so with drawers instead of cabinets. They have the advantage that nothing will cover them up (which will happen inevitably) which will then have to be removed in order to open them. Another plus: you don’t have to dig into the cabinet, instead it pulls out towards you. A lot easier, even more so with a soft-close mechanism that keeps the drawers shut while driving. 


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