The 9 best gift ideas for campers

Die 9 besten Geschenkideen für Camper

Shortly after the last late summer days have allowed us one last warm camping weekend at the lake, it starts: First you notice the gingerbread in the supermarket aisles and then you still think: seriously? This year they are REALLY overdoing it . A week later, in the drugstore, you realize that you can actually put any product range in an advent calendar. And at the latest when your parents call and ask if you want to eat that weird soy cheese again on December 24th, you realize: it's Christmas time.

Before the next call comes with the question about your wish list and you end up with socks again, or you make the 17th voucher yourself that is never redeemed, we have created a small but fine list of products for you that In our opinion, they are the perfect complement to our own products for your next camping adventure.

The selection consists of local companies, which we recommend out of personal conviction, as the products meet a high quality standard and can therefore accompany you and your loved ones on trips.

1. For the vegan star chefs:

Campo Libre Cookset ENZO x Cookbook: Vegan in the Van by Journey to Mother Nature .

We have found the perfect cookbook to conjure up a delicious and sustainable menu on the folding table: Vegan im Van by Lorena Palombo offers versatile and easy-to-cook recipes that do not use animal products. Lorena has put together almost 100 dishes in the course of her journey across Europe and there is something for everyone, whether it's shakshuka with scrambled tofu for breakfast or papaya lentil curry for the whole gang in the evening.

And if you're really keen to get started, but you still don't have the right equipment, then we have the ENZO cooking set for you: the set consists of two pots, a pan, a kettle and a specially developed lid with an integrated sieve, suitable for both pots and pan. To stow away, you can put everything inside each other to save space and fix it with the practical strap.

Campo Libre cooking set ENZO

2. For the order fanatics:

Campo Libre seat organizer LINN x Merino slippers by GIESSWEIN

We don't know about you, but one thing is important to ensure that you stay comfortable after our outdoor trips in winter: warm feet, preferably in cozy slippers. The family business Giesswein from Tyrol has something suitable: the Neudau slipper made of Merino new wool warms up even the coldest feet and is also breathable - anyone who has ever been exposed to unpleasant odors in a small space when camping knows why this is important.

What could be worse than not finding your cozy, warm slippers after a wet and cold adventure?! Luckily, that's what LINN is for: not only does it keep your slippers tidy, but of course all the other stuff you always need but can't find. Made from high-quality and durable Oxford canvas, LINN offers all sorts of storage options for the big and small things in camper life, including a detachable notebook bag.

Campo Libre Organizer LINN

3. For the romantics:

Campo Libre travel blanket WANDA in Sherpa Edition x SPIN 90 table fire from höfats .

One thing should not be missing for romantic camping nights: a comfortably warming fire. Since the open fire variant is often not possible for a variety of reasons, we have found an ingenious alternative: Spin 90 , the table fire from Höfats conjures up a campfire atmosphere - both outdoors and indoors. Bioethanol is used as the fuel, which ensures an odorless and smoke-free experience - including warmth on all sides, of course.

And if it's not cuddly enough, you can simply throw our WANDA over your head: the adventure blanket comes with the softest Sherpa fleece made from recycled polyester and thus increases your level of comfort and the romance factor enormously. Did we mention WANDA features our "Clip-to-Cape" closure? That's right, you can easily transform the blanket into a cozy cape, where two can fit underneath if necessary. Other features include a dirt and water-repellent coating and washing machine suitability up to 40°C.

Campo Libre travel blanket WANDA

4. For the Hüttenzauber fan base:

Campo Libre thermos bottle Jaco x Glühfranz mulled wine from Schorlefranz .

A camping trip to Winter Wonderland, a day in the snow – and then what? How about one, two or four mugs of hot mulled wine or punch? The three founders of Schorlefranz have something for cold winter days: Glühfranz ! With or without alcohol, white or red, the grape juice always comes from regional farms where only the best quality is bottled - and it's also 100% vegan. Yay!

Our JACO thermos bottle ensures that the drink of your choice always ends up steaming hot in your mug. Thanks to its double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation and Temp-Shield closure, it keeps your coffee, tea or mulled wine hot all day long. But JACO is also used in summer, because it keeps drinks icy for up to 36 hours. Available in two sizes (750ml and 1000ml) and optionally with the original Campo Libre canvas handle.

Campo Libre thermos bottle JACO

5. For the coffee enthusiasts:

Campo Libre French Press GIORGIO x Roastery Neues Schwarz .

We have one thing in common with the Neues Schwarz team: we are explorers and always on the lookout for the extraordinary. At Neues Schwarz, only selected coffee beans are roasted in-house, where they are lightly and gently roasted to create the perfect taste experience. The coffee experts attach great importance to direct trade, for example with the Mierisch family from Finca Los Placeres in Nicaragua. Where this year's Christmas coffee is cultivated - with exciting flavors of hazelnut and gingerbread.

With our French Press GIORGIO, you no longer need to worry about preparing your new favorite coffee. The double-walled vacuum insulation ensures that you can enjoy your hot coffee for as long as possible and GIORGIO itself is also particularly durable with its 18I8 stainless steel quality. You can enjoy up to three cups of coffee at sunrise in the mountains, and if you want to refresh your knowledge of coffee preparation in the French Press, the Neues Schwarz Brew Guide will help you.

Campo Libre French Press GIORGIO

6. For those who love detail

Campo Libre Cutting Boards ELLA & ALBA x Handmade knives made from recycled spring steel by Black Chili Knives .

Be honest: how many of your knives actually cut really well? And how many of your knives that no longer cut do you sort out - in your camper? We think: even a camper deserves excellent knives, like those from Black Chili Messer. They are hand-forged from carbon steel in Vietnam and additionally reground in Germany - extreme sharpness guaranteed! What is special about the knives is that they come from an upcycling project, where old saw blades and truck leaf springs are recycled. Our favorite: The Ban Tai !

Basically not a good idea, but especially not with the Black Chili knives: cutting on unsuitable surfaces such as the dashboard or the hood. This is where the ELLA chopping board or ALBA bread board come into play, puristic design handmade in Bavaria. Oak wood contains natural terpenes and tannins and therefore has an antibacterial effect, making it the ideal cutting mat!

Campo Libre cutting board ELLA

7. For those afflicted with wanderlust:

Campo Libre camping lamp LENI x The Fernweh Collective .

Do you feel like you're already thinking about the next adventure while you're travelling? On the go, the feeling of wanderlust is often intensified, but you are not alone: ​​The Fernweh Collective has set itself the task of telling special travel stories and thereby stimulating environmental awareness and rethinking. A whole issue of the wonderfully designed magazine is dedicated to van life, camping and road trips - let yourself be inspired!

In winter, the days get shorter and the nights longer – so if you want to browse for a while after the adventures of the day, you need the right lighting. Here comes LENI : our outdoor lame can hardly be surpassed in terms of flexibility. Thanks to its adjustable handle, you really can find a way to attach it anywhere. In addition, you can choose between a warmer and a colder color temperature and determine the brightness. LENI provides you with light for up to 24 hours, after which you simply recharge it via USB. Easy!

Campo Libre camping lamp LENI

Didn't find what you were looking for in our previous wish list items? Then we dig a little deeper into the gift box and have these ideas for you:

8. For the party addicts:

Beosound Explore by Bang & Olufsen .

The Beosound Explore is a waterproof outdoor speaker that can withstand any adventure. The scratch-resistant housing made of anodized aluminum protects against impacts, and the box is also dust- and waterproof. Your adventure soundtrack will be played in the best sound quality for up to 27 hours and the intuitive operation makes the whole thing uncomplicated. Thanks to the attached loop, Beosound Explore accompanies you on the go on your backpack and can even be operated with gloves.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Explore

9. For the night owls:

Flashlight Piko TL from Lupine .

Who doesn't know it - after an eventful day, delicious food and various glasses of (mulled) wine, you wake up at night and envy the people with an integrated camping toilet. The fantastically remote parking space now turns out to be a stumbling block, because it is pitch black. It's good that you have your own little headlight at hand: the Piko TL from Lupine is smaller than your smartphone at 87 x 42 x 24mm, but illuminates your nocturnal visit to the toilet with 1600 lumens. Thanks to the aluminum body, the Piko is well protected against dust, water and shock. The light be with you!

Lupine Piko TL

Happy gift-giving and a Merry Christmas to all of you - wherever you are! 🎄


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