The perfect drinking temperature for hot drinks - we'll clarify.

Die perfekte Trinktemperatur für Heißgetränke - wir klären auf.

A pleasure for the senses

Which type are you? Coffee or tea? Scalding hot or would you rather cool it down a bit? The temperature of a drink not only affects its taste, but also its well-being. Especially with hot drinks such as coffee, tea and other delicacies, the right drinking temperature is crucial in order to experience full enjoyment.

No matter what you prefer to drink, we'll tell you here which temperatures are considered optimal for various hot drinks and how to prepare them perfectly.


But first: what does hot actually mean?

The sensation of heat is subjective. For some it can't be hot enough, others cringe even at lukewarm drinks. But the fact is: from 50°C there is a risk of burns to the tongue or esophagus. According to health experts, there is even an increased risk of cancer from temperatures above 65°C.

When we advertise our products as “keeps hot for up to xx hours”, we basically mean a minimum temperature of 50°C (with a filling temperature of 95°C and a constant outside temperature of 19°C). That's definitely impressive!


Coffee – The perfect heat level

Many people need it to wake up and others can't do without it. We're talking about coffee. The ideal drinking temperature for coffee is between 50°C and 60°C. At this temperature, aromas and flavors can best be appreciated without the coffee being too hot and burning the palate. We recommend allowing the coffee to cool for a minute after brewing before enjoying.

Our recommendation for coffee drinkers: ANTO coffee-to-go cup.

ANTO coffee-to-go cup


Tea – A question of tea

The perfect drinking temperature for tea depends on the type of tea. Green tea develops its full aroma at around 70°C to 80°C. Black tea, on the other hand, should be poured over with hot water between 85°C and 95°C. Herbal teas can be prepared at 100°C. It is important that the water no longer boils at a rolling boil, as this can affect the taste of the tea.

Our recommendation for tea drinkers: JACO thermos bottle.

Thermos bottle JACO

Cocoa – the liquid gold

Cocoa has a warming and sweet taste that is popular with some, especially during the cold winter months. The optimal drinking temperature for cocoa is between 50°C and 60°C. At this temperature the chocolate melts well and the cocoa becomes pleasantly warm and creamy.

Our recommendation for cocoa lovers: BONO thermal mug.


Diversity of preferences: Individual drinking tastes are decisive

Finally, all that remains to be said is that the perfect drinking temperature, whether coffee, tea or cocoa, depends on the individual's individual taste. Nevertheless, we all agree on one point: the main thing is not to burn your palate!

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