Enjoying the camping soundtrack whilst being considerate.

Musik beim Campen – no-go oder must-have?

Escaping the daily routine and entering the camper van – for most of us this also includes getting away from the noisy city and diving into the sound of mother nature.

When the wind moves rushing treetops, when the waves are breaking at shore or when your animal neighbors are awaking around you at dawn it’s often the only accompaniment you need.

Sometimes though, the moment requires a soundtrack, songs that have the power to enhance the experience as well as can take you back to this moment at any time.

The most important points concerning music while camping

No matter how you decide, you should be aware of one thing: what may be the soundtrack of your life in a particular instant, might be simply annoying for others. So, we wrote down three important points worth considering when listening to music. 

#1 neighbors.

Are you on your own or do you have temporary roommates around you? Adjust duration and volume of your musical backdrop and, when in doubt, ask your neighbors if they’re feeling bothered. Who knows – maybe you share the same taste in music, and you put the sound box right in the middle!

#2 willife.

Wherever outdoor fans decide to park their camper, chances are high that someone else has already inhabited the space. Wildlife is shy by nature and that’s why you may not see them. But probably you are camping in the backyard of several wild animals. There are strict rules in place for designated nature reserves. Entering wildlife reserves is generally prohibited. Be kind to every kind!

#3 peace at night.

Regardless of what common sense might tell you – most countries have legal regulations for the observance of peace at night. Disregarding those regulations is considered an infraction. Peace at night is to be complied with from 10pm to 6am, a time when you should avoid noise and disturbances. 

Fortunately, in our experience, the most outdoor folks are aware of their responsibilities so that we can leave you with some inspiration for soundtracks in good conscience!

Funky Dance Nights Playlist

The vans are parked, the chairs are set up and the campfire is already lit. You were planning on having a quiet night, but by no later than the first beats of Parov Stelar’s Mama Talking getting into your ears and your body, chances are high that this could be start of a dance party around the campfire. 

    Potential disorderly conduct: 10 / 10 (if escalating) But hey, maybe the neighbors are joining you though...?

    Camping playlist

    Gorgeous view of the setting sun, you got your loved one close with each of you holding a cold drink of your choice. Along with this soundtrack, the scene would be made for the big screens, if only the bugs weren’t there...

    Potential disorderly conduct: individual / 10 (you know why...). 

    Vanlife Playlist

    Finally on the road again! Everything loaded, chances are high you have forgotten anything important and now you are on the move under the motto: the journey is the reward! You’re only missing the soundtrack with classics you can listen to, while holding your head out the window. 

      Potential disorderly conduct: 1 / 10, as long as you’re not stuck in traffic ;)

      PS: All playlists are also excellent to listen to at home whilst having an after-camping-trip-party!


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